Systems Flushing

Water, Fuel & Oil Piping Systems

Flushing of Oil and Fuel System Piping: This process is used as periodic maintenance to keep systems free of blockages and contaminants. Or as cleanliness after repairs to system piping.

  • Cal Marine Cleaning has the flushing pumps and filtering equipment needed for the job.
  • Well Trained Team
  • Process Control Procedures for Various Systems
  • We have filtering equipment for removal of water, particulate and acids.
Comprehensive oil flushing module

Flushing of Water Systems:

  • From Fire Main Systems to Potable Water Systems
  • Removal of Contaminants
  • Chlorination of Potable Water Systems
  • Services of an industrial hygienist
  • passivation and neutralization
  • pipe passivation for cleanliness
Our state of the art flushing rig up to 700 GPM

Our Flushing Services Provide:

  • Temporary Storage Tanks, Flushing Pumps, Filters for various applications, Heat Exchangers, etc.
  • Chemical Analysis of Oil / Fuel for water contamination, spectrographic metals, particulate, total acid# if applicable.
  • Removal and disposal of flushing media.
  • Inspection of some systems can be accomplished with our video inspection equipment.
View flush progress in live time

Cal Marine Cleaning is equipped with portable heaters and heat exchangers that can be utilized to improve the effectiveness of any cleaning project.

Available of Flushing Media

35Kw Heaters with the capability of heating almost any application with thermal safety protections.
  • For a complete listing call: Charles Jacobs (425) 317-8298

Applicability to Industrial and Shipboard Systems

  • Fuel Systems
  • Oil Systems
  • Cooling System
  • Heat Exchangers
  • New Systems Piping (to remove oils, slag, etc.)
  • Condensers
  • Degreasing
  • Tanks
  • Piping  Systems Cleaning
  • Engine and Equipment Flushes
  • Reduction Gear flushing
  • Hot Oil Flush